To enter a world where life is infinite, and every place within it allows you to reinvent yourself, at any moment, a world where the virtual becomes real.


An original immersive show inspired by the mythological story of the murder of Haim Arlosoroff and based on archive materials connected to the murder.


A first of its kind site specific performance, that takes place on all the 7 floors of the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv.


A motley crew of misfit superheroes must band together to ensure humanity's survival, and prevent an imminent doomsday from occurring.


RAAMSET turns your venue into an ancient Egyptian tomb during a wild party and you are invited to go insane. Come and mingle, fall in love and become addicted.


A new show of "MYSTORIN THEATRE" in a one-of-a-kind collaboration with the Kedma School in Jerusalem. With the bell, the gates of memory open.


Название спектакля

Прародителем текста-рыбы является известный “Lorem Ipsum” – латинский текст, ноги которого растут аж из 45 года до нашей эры. Сервисов по созданию случайного текста на основе Lorem Ipsum великое множество, однако все они имеют один существенный недостаток: их “рыба текст” подходит лишь для англоязычных ресурсов/проектов.

Фотографии со спектакля