About Us

Mystorin Theatre Group specializes in outdoor ,site specific and immersive performances in urban environments and alternative spaces and has been active in this scene for the past decade. The inspiration for each piece comes from local history. The ensemble has initiated artistic events throughout the city of Jerusalem, all over Israel, and at festivals overseas. 

We believe

We believe in breaking through the boundaries of reality by creating magical and mystical worlds everywhere. We believe in theatre which utilizes everyday life as its stage – theater which breaks the routine to create a single fairytale moment of beauty and spirituality in the least expected places; a performance which appears with no previous warning engulfing the audience in a multi-sensory experience of a surreal poetic dream.

We believe in the ability of theatre in the public space and site specific art to be the tool to reinvent urban spaces and make them a focus of an active public participation in urban creativity

Each of the performances you can find on the next pages is the culmination of a fascinating creative process.

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