Are we for real? We’ll let you decide.

ENTER – a fully immersive theatrical performance!

It’s an experience that takes over an entire mall in Arena Herzliya. Have you ever seen an empty mall after closing time? Well, we made it happen just for you…


This show lets the audience dive into a magical and colorful parallel universe that takes place right here. Or not really…
Enter a world where every door inside – is an opportunity to reimagine yourself as who you ever wished you’d be.

A modern-urban space on the beachfront, with a touch of 90s arcade culture and a pinch of a superhero comic saga.
We welcome you to enter a unique, never-seen-before experience. This journey will raise many questions to which only you can find the answers.
Because… is it all real? And if so, and you really think it is…
Where does reality meet the virtual? Where does one begins and the other end in a world without noticeable borders?
Now, think again, and tell us: what is it real?

Are you ready to ENTER?
We left the light on… Just for you.

Ages: 16+
Address: Arena Mall, Ha-Shunit 2, Herzliya


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