Experience the show that defies conventions, breaks down barriers, and redefines the theater at its core. We proudly present RAAMSET, an extraordinary production by Mystorin Theater, taking place at the esteemed Beit Alliance in the heart of Jerusalem.

RAAMSET seamlessly fuses club culture, pop music, and a contemporary rendition of the timeless classic, Romeo and Juliet. Within a world where humans and aliens exist separately, this captivating performance offers an emotional, humorous, and philosophical journey like no other. Prepare to be enthralled by its irresistible grooves and catchy beats that will have you moving and dancing alongside the talented cast.

As you immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind spectacle, you’ll find yourself taking on various roles throughout the scenes. Whether as esteemed guests at a lavish royal feast, passionate fans amidst an electrifying boxing ring, spirited participants in a flash mob, or warriors engaging in captivating dance battles, you are an integral part of the show.

RAAMSET intertwines the vibrant tapestry of ancient Egyptian culture with the dazzling vibrancy of contemporary pop culture, mythology, and street arts. With its explosive fusion of sounds, mesmerizing visuals, and exhilarating dance sequences, this production will transport you to a realm where love transcends boundaries and the human spirit triumphs.

Join us as we redefine theater, challenge norms, and celebrate the freedom to choose.
Experience the magic of RAAMSET, where love knows no bounds, and the power of expression knows no limits. Book your tickets today!

Don’t miss your chance to witness this groundbreaking performance.
Dates: June 14th
Secure your tickets now for an unforgettable evening
Location: located at 5 Hagai St., Jerusalem
Time: 9:00 PM

14.06.2023 | Wednesday | 21:30
120 ₪

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