How tempting is it to dive into a world that is beyond imagination? To get into a computer game? Drift, even if for one evening.
To enter a world where life is infinite, and every place within it allows you to reinvent yourself, at any moment, a world where the virtual becomes real.
A world in which anything is possible.

We invite you to enter such a world and experience it, inside and outside the screen, respond in real time, help mysterious characters dodge and overcome obstacles in a dark and fascinating path, between shop windows and secret corridors.

We are waiting for you on a journey that raises questions about what is real and what is not. Enter 2022
Herzliya Arena.

Good show for the whole family (13+)
Address: Arena Mall, Ha-Shunit 2, Herzliya

20.06.2022 | Monday | 22:00
120 ₪
IdeaRon Ayalon, Dorian Natan, Tal Goldberg, Yuliya Ginis
Directing and artistic managementYuliya Ginis
ProductionOri Hirshler
Choreography and assistant directorMichal Meg Levitan
Costume designerDaria Aleksandrova, Yuliya Ginis
TuneFika Magrik, Aleksandr Dementiev
Video artRon Dorian
Gaming app design Ron Ayalon, Dorian Natan
Acting managementValya Azikina
LightingGuy Ben Ari
Application programmingMichael Magrik
Sound directorFika Magrik
DialogueTal Goldberg

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