Nesh(i)ma – A First-of-its-Kind Theatrical-Spiritual Journey. 🌬

Embark on a transformative odyssey with Nesh(i)ma, an extraordinary blend of mystery, artistry, and spiritual exploration presented by Mystorin Theater. Located within the Arena complex in Herzliya, this unique experience unfolds across the entire Black Box area, weaving together sound installations, mesmerizing video art, soulful singing, live music, and graceful movement.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of senses as our skilled performers craft a tapestry of immersive, spiritual, and profound moments, inviting you to explore the profound connection between breath and soul—a moment of healing. ‍

Join us on this profound journey where 15 talented artists, including actors, dancers, and musicians, will welcome you as you are. Through the power of their voices, the poetry of their movements, and the resonance of live music, they will guide you into an empowering mystical experience—an exploration of self through the union of voice, body, and breath.


Hi, I was at your show yesterday in the old Shaare Zedek and it was stunning, opening and heart-expanding. Each and every part was done with sensitivity and inclusion, and I didn't realize how much I needed this space before I arrived. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
Ayelet Rozen, 28.11.23
Thank you very much for the extraordinary experience of the theater, in their new show. The flower we received at the end of the show symbolized for me the blossoming of a new beginning.
Sara Gindin, 26.11.23
It was one of the craziest experiences. I have no words to explain. Only when I arrived at the old Shaarei Zedek area in Jerusalem, the lights and the setting began to explain to me where I had really arrived... I wish everyone days like I had with the theater.
Shalom Yaakov, 26.11.23

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